Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Am Famous For Being Famous

Thank you for reading this.

Please contact my agent for reality TV series availability.

Also, please read my other blogs.

Sorry, but I will not provide links to any celebrity sex tapes I never made.

I have never crashed the Obama White House, although I was once with a prostitute and Bill Clinton, but I already wrote about that.

I have met famous people like Olivia d'Abo. And Bill Clinton.

I never partied with Charlie Sheen, but Erin Moran once stole my drink, twice.

I was on a C-SPAN show with Melissa Gilbert once. Three friends called to tell me they saw it. I am worried that I know three people who watch C-SPAN.

I will glady sign autographs for free, if you pay an appearance free upfront. Call my agent.

Now, if only I could get an agent...

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